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Application Of Dipentaerythritol


Dipentaerythritol is non-toxic to animal, no irritation to skin, and no pollution to environment. Dipentaerythritol ,the short form DI-PE , is a white, odorless and crystalline powder .DI-PEDI-PE can be mainly used to produce polyether, alkyd resin and photosensitive resin film in coating industry.
Dipentaerythritol is considered to be the upscale product of the pentaerythritol industry as an important fine-chemical intermediate. Dipentaerythritol is widely used in metal processing oil, high temperature air engine oil, rubber, plastic, lubricant additives, lubricants, chemical fiber, oil, and other fields. Dipentaerythritol is an ideal synthetic ester basic fluid for ISO 68 fire resistant hydraulic oil and ingredients for the formulation of biodegradable hydraulic oil, saw oil , barge engine oil and effective oiliness additive for cold steel rolling, pipe drawing and other metal processing fluids.
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