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Basical Information of Sodium Formate


Sodium Formate is white or pale yellow crystalline solid, slightly deliquescence in room temperature. This product has the water absorbability. Sodium Formate will decompose into sodium oxalate and hydrogen at high temperature, and then generate sodium carbonate. Sodium Formate is soluble in glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, octyl alcohol but insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution was alkaline.The relative density of Sodium Formate is 1.92.The product often contains 2 molecules of crystallization water.
Sodium Formate is used in leather industry, the camouflage of chrome tanning acid, catalyst and the stability of synthetic agent, reducing agent of printing and dyeing industry, insurance powder.The product is also applied in the production of oxalic acid and formic acid. In solution, the complex ion of trivalent metal can be formed. There is a buffer, the pH value of acid can be corrected.For alkyd resin paint, plasticizer, high explosive, acid proof material, aviation lubricating oil, adhesive additive.
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