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Applications of Dipentaerythritol


Dipentaerythritol ( abbreviated double cropping ) having a long carbon chain , the higher the molecular weight , the stability of an ether bond, an oxygen atom to form a star-shaped structure is typically the center of the plurality of hydroxyl groups in the molecule by esterification , nitration, halogenation etc. , to form a compound with unique functional application performance , widely used in the polymer industry , paint industry , printing and textile industry , and aerospace industries.
1. Field of polymer applications.
(1) A monomer of a new polymer. Double cropping acrylic two, three or four ester as a crosslinking agent , and other double compound graft copolymer , porous polymer preparation is excellent containers of blood or biological products , which can effectively improve the blood or biological products shelf life, is called as " the blood compatibility " polymer.
(2) As PVC, PET heat stabilizers. PVC is an amorphous polymer, the glass transition temperature 80 ℃, the plasticizing temperature of 150-170 ℃, the molecular structure is unstable , 100 ℃ beginning degradation , 150 ℃ accelerate degradation , such as hydrogen chloride produced does not inhibit the degradation exacerbate .
(3) As a polymer plasticizer. To double cropping or mono- ester as the main component of the plasticizer good compatibility with PVC resin , heat resistance, oxygen extraction resistance , low volatility, with excellent electrical insulating properties and processing performance , can significantly alter a these rheological properties of plastic, a plasticizer having excellent properties to meet grade PVC 105 ℃ cable requirements.
2. Applications in the field of lubricants.
3. in the paint area.
4. in the field of ink.
5. Synthetic surfactant.