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Pentaerythritol Technology Developing Rapidly in China

Chinese pentaerythritol developing rapidly and capacity increasing rapidly, China's largest manufacturer of pentaerythritol size of more than tons of enterprises are mainly three Hengyang Industrial Company, Hubei Yihua Group Company Group Company and Chengpeng Chemical Co., Ltd. These companies are the leader of the production of pentaerythritol. Capacity is not only fast, and the technology development is at high-speed.
Pentaerythritol is an important chemical raw material; it is widely used in the paint, light industry, automobile, construction, synthetic resins and other industrial field. Pentaerythritol in China Mainly for the production of alcohol resin coatings, synthetic oil, pine oil, tall oil and pentaerythritol nitrate, etc., also replaced glycerine in many occasions, especially for the production of polyester polyols and polyether polyols. Coating industry is a major consumer sector of pentaerythritol, it mainly for the production of alkyd resin, the natural resin paint, phenolic resin, alkyd resin paint, amino resin are used in the paint.
The main application areas of pentaerythritol
Alkyd resins: for the synthesis of pentaerythritol with a drying alkyd resin, high hardness, good gloss and easy to fade characteristics. Current rapid development of automobile paint still needs larger amounts of pentaerythritol.
Synthetic lubricants: production of advanced synthetic lubricants minimal civil aircraft to rely on imports lubricants, synthetic lubricating oil production in urgent need of high quality raw materials for pentaerythritol. In addition, China has joined the World Ozone Protection Organization, will use the new refrigerants, new refrigeration systems also require the production of a large number of lubricant produced by pentaerythritol.
Rosin ester and oils ester: pentaerythritol rosin ester and oil esters used in coatings, adhesives, rubber chemicals and ink production.
Polyurethane and others: pentaerythritol as raw materials of polyester polyols and polyether polyols, polyurethane foam is one of the main raw materials.
Pentaerythritol production technology has also made ​​great progress
Ion exchange resin catalyzed
In addition to using sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide as a catalyst for the production of pentaerythritol, the recent studies presented at the environment-friendly conditions, with a strong basic ion exchange resin as a condensation catalyst, the formaldehyde and acetaldehyde was synthesized in an aqueous solution of pentaerythritol processes.
Mixed alkali
In the late 1990s, foreign companies have proposed using alkali carbonate to bicarbonate and then mixed alkali catalyst production of pentaerythritol. Reaction of the basic principle of this method is similar to the conventional method, namely, by aldol condensation and Cannizzaro reaction of pentaerythritol, and formate byproduct,
Condensation Hydrogenation
Hydrogenation is the condensation of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and triethylamine, and water by mixing, the condensation at low temperatures to generated pentaerythrityl sugar, and then distilled under reduced pressure, the separated triethylamine return condensation process.
Continuous Synthesis Process
Continuous synthesis process of pentaerythritol including continuous synthesis, continuous multi-effect evaporation, continuous crystallization separation and so on. The whole production process of continuous, making the equipment automation degree increased significantly.