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An analysis of Pentaerythritol Abroad and Domestic

Pentaerythritol is a typical structure of neopentyl tetraol, can participate in the polyol can be a variety of reactions, such as nitration, oxidation, etherification, and halogenation. Mainly used to produce lubricants, alkyd resins, polyurethane, surfactants, emulsifiers, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and explosives, in the resin, paint chemical, pharmaceutical and defense, and so has a wide range of applications, development and utilization prospects.

An analysis of the foreign market
Since 2002, Europe and Japan pentaerythritol production and demand growth slows, or even a downward trend due to environmental requirements, to a new environmentally friendly materials "biodiesel" production of epoxy resin costs are lower, reducing the alkyd resin pentaerythritol drunk demand; the other hand, the EU limit chemical production of volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, the high cost of production of pentaerythritol. In 2008, the total world consumption of about pentaerythritol 500,000 t,
In recent years, world production of pentaerythritol steady development of the end of 2012, the world pentaerythritol production capacity of approximately 670,000 t/a, manufacturers mainly in Western Europe and Asia, where the production capacity in Western Europe 113,000 t/a, accounting for the world's total production capacity of pentaerythritol 16.9%; Asian production capacity of 431,000 t/a, accounting for the world's total production capacity of 64.3%; including mainland China Chengpeng Chemical Co., Ltd is Currently the world's largest manufacturer of pentaerythritol, accounting for the world's total production capacity of 16.4%, followed by the Swedish company- Perstorp, with a total production capacity of 73,000 t/a, total world production 10.9% of capacity in the United States, Sweden and has production facilities in India. Manufacturers mainly the United States Perstorp company, the Swedish company Perstorp, India Perstorp company, Canada Chemcel company, Degussa  Company, Spain Poloalco company, China Taiwan Lee Chang Yung Chemical Company, Saudi Arabia NIC Company, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company,and so on.

An analysis of the domestic market
In recent years, with the downstream product market rapid increase in demand, the rapid development of pentaerythritol, capacity continues to grow. In 2002, China's production capacity of pentaerythritol is only about 100 000 t/a, 2005, increased to 200 000 t/a. Until the end of 2009, China's pentaerythritol manufacturers with more than 20, with a total production capacity of about 340,000 t/a, has become the largest production base of pentaerythritol. Among them, the Chengpeng chemical co. ltd company pentaerythritol production capacity of 110,000 t/a, is currently China's largest manufacturer of pentaerythritol production capacity accounted for about 32.3% of total production capacity. The company purchased Korea Sanyo Chemical Industries Company pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol proprietary technology, the production of pentaerythritol hydroxyl content of up to 98%, reached the international advanced level. In addition to meeting domestic needs, but also exported to Asia and Europe.
Companies from Italy Eurotecnica Company introduced a full set of pentaerythritol device
Sodium method using low temperature continuous production process, the production capacity of 10,000 t/a, Can produce a purity of 92% -98% product plurality grade pentaerythritol. In the future Years, China will have to prepare some companies install new or expanded production of pentaerythritol Devices, such as the proposed set of Gaolan County of Lanzhou 20,000 t/a pentaerythritol production plant, Chifeng Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. intends to continue to expand its production capacity, is expected to 2014 total production capacity of pentaerythritol will more than 400,000 t/a.